From March 17th 1983 to April 28th 1985, Automata was given complete free range with the back page of Popular Computing Weekly. The first few crappy pages were drawn by whoever was around at the time, but then our very own Robin Evans took over to produce the UK computer industry's first major cartoon strip. Here are all those bizarre rear- end pages to view and rip off, as a reminder of just how anarchic things were back then, and what happened when the good times stopped rolling.

REAR END 01 March 17 258k The first advert. Bill-board style, advertising various games.
      The following 4 adverts were basically the same as this.
REAR END 02 Apr 21 150k Mainly text advert for Bunny and ETa.
REAR END 03 Apr 28 195k Automata - The naked truth.
REAR END 04 May 5 255k Full page advert/cartoon for Pimania.
REAR END 05 May 12 65k Full page ad for Pimania, Groucho, Bunny and ET.
REAR END 06 May 19 499k Pimania and Automonopoly advert.
REAR END 07 May 26 162k Vote PiMan. Election special.
REAR END 08 Jun 2 192k PiMan exhibits himself in public.
REAR END 09 Jun 9 207k Full page advert/cartoon for Automonopoly.
REAR END 10 Jun 16 195k Microfair - Spot the difference compotition.
REAR END 11 Jun 23 210k The PiMan Times. Top Tens. Hoax adverts.
REAR END 12 Jun 30 195k The PiMan is Knighted. The hideous truth.
REAR END 13 Jul 7 188k Graffiti. Krummy Komic Strip part 1
REAR END 14 Jul 14 179k Automonopoly mystery - why has the name changed ? Krummy Komic Strip 2
REAR END 15 Jul 21 216k Goto Jail - Legal sensation. The PiMan Diaries. Krummy Komic Strip 3
REAR END 16 Jul 28 223k So Where Were You? Krummy Komic Strip part 4.
REAR END 17 Aug 4 210k The PiMan's famil reunion. Krummy Komic Strip part 5.
REAR END 18 Aug 11 225k The PiMan's summer special. Krummy Komic Strip part 6.
REAR END 19 Aug 18 210k The PiMan's family tree. Krummy Komic Strip part 7.
REAR END 20 Aug 25 182k The PiMan goes on strike. Krummy Komic Strip part 8.
REAR END 21 Sep 1 105k Still on strike.
REAR END 22 Sep 8 212k Thanks for all your letters. Krummy Komic Strip part 9.
REAR END 23 Sep 15 223k The PiMan expands. Krummy Komic Strip part 10.
REAR END 24 Sep 22 269k The PiMan on TV. January sales coupon. Krummy Komic Strip part 11.
REAR END 25 Sep 29 226k Computer Dating. Krummy Komic Strip part 12.
REAR END 26 Oct 6 216k Groucho - out next week. Krummy Komic Strip part 13.
REAR END 27 Oct 13 239k Groucho - full page advert.
REAR END 28 Oct 20 234k Morris Meets The Bikers (MMB) cartoon strip.
REAR END 29 Oct 27 189k Halloween Special. MMB part 2
REAR END 30 Nov 3 182k Guy Fawkes Special. MMB part 3
REAR END 31 Nov 10 249k Automata - a statement. Readers cartoon. MMB part 4
REAR END 32 Nov 17 263k Groucho and Morris ads. MMB part 5
REAR END 33 Nov 24 227k PiMan's Greatest Hits - the audio tapes. MMB part 6
REAR END 34 Dec 1 234k PiMan and Groucho on TV.
REAR END 35 Dec 8 258k PiMan's Pre-Xmas Special.
REAR END 36 Dec 15 242k MMB part 7
REAR END 37 Dec 22 240k Christmas Pi

The Files - 1984
REAR END 38 Jan 5 65k Its 1984! Big Piman is watching. Pi-Eyed advert.
REAR END 39 Jan 12 363k PiMan bops star - the PiMan is on the skids..
REAR END 40 Jan 19 354k Statement regarding Waddingtons legal problems. PiMan still on skids.
REAR END 41 Jan 26 359k The search for the missing PiMan.
REAR END 42 Feb 2 366k The PiMan has an astral experience.
REAR END 43 Feb 9 65k The PiMans experience turns into a game.
REAR END 44 Feb 16 397k The Golden Balls Computer Software Awards.
REAR END 45 Feb 23 370k PiMan gets in training for the Olympics.
REAR END 46 Mar 1 374k Meet the team - Join the Pimaniacs.
REAR END 47 Mar 8 367k PiMan still in training. Cuthbert pops in.
REAR END 48 Mar 15 326k Olympimania - The PiMan tries the snow jump !
REAR END 49 Mar 22 360k Olympimania - The PiMan tries the butterpi and weightlifting !
REAR END 50 Mar 29 306k Olympimania - The PiMan tries the high jump !
REAR END 51 Apr 5 388k Cuthbert becomes a Pimaniac. (Spot colour)
REAR END 52 Apr 13 372k Groucho's American slide show.
REAR END 53 Apr 19 357k PiMan and the team jog to Ally Pally for the 11th Microfair. (Spot colour)
REAR END 54 Apr 26 253k Imagine having to work like this. Parody of the Imagine ad. (Spot colour)
REAR END 55 May 3 290k Groucho prepares to leave.
REAR END 56 May 10 304k Morris is attacked by Hells Ratbags.
REAR END 57 May 17 386k The PiMan has a game of Dartz. (spot colour)
REAR END 58 May 24 376k The PiMan gets arrested for causing a pub brawl.
REAR END 59 May 31 381k Mel & Christian try to escape from jail.
REAR END 60 Jun 7 511k PiMan goes to Russia.
REAR END 61 Jun 14 320k PiLand meets Russia part 2.
REAR END 62 Jun 21 378k Dartz - PiMan takes on Eric. (spot colour)
REAR END 63 Jun 28 300k Join the Pimaniacs.
REAR END 64 Jul 5 344k Groucho winners announced. (spot colour)
REAR END 65 Jul 12 360k PiMan auditions for Piromania.
REAR END 66 Jul 19 384k To absent friends - save independant software houses.
REAR END 67 Jul 26 388k Whilst rehearsing for Piromania, PiMan finds a note from Crusoe.
REAR END 68 Aug 2 345k The rehearsals for Piromania go on.
REAR END 69 Aug 9 354k Piromania - the stage show.
REAR END 70 Aug 16 416k PI - a parody of 'V'. (spot colour)
REAR END 71 Aug 23 340k PiMan gets a call from an old friend - Burt.
REAR END 72 Aug 30 356k Pi-In-Ere - Burts mission continues.
REAR END 73 Sep 6 382k Mel reveals what he's been doing for the last 6 months.
REAR END 74 Sep 13 383k and it is Deus Ex Machina. (spot colour)
REAR END 75 Sep 20 325k Dues Ex Machine advert part 1 - The Birth
REAR END 76 Sep 27 328k Dues Ex Machine advert part 2 - Life & Death
REAR END 77 Oct 4 309k PiMan sits in for Mel.
REAR END 78 Oct 11 373k New Wheels John. Happy Birthday PiMan.
REAR END 79 Oct 18 370k Lady Clair bumps into Crusoe.
REAR END 80 Oct 25 374k The further adventures of Burt - the Pi-In-Ere.
REAR END 81 Nov 8 376k The PI is cast - the PiMan board game. (spot colour)
REAR END 82 Nov 15 403k The PiMan at the umpteenth ZX Microfair. (spot colour)
REAR END 83 Nov 22 404k Lady Clair has a secret...
REAR END 84 Nov 29 430k Lady Clair, now pregnant, sets of to find PiLand. (spot colour)
REAR END 85 Dec 6 73k The journey room at the laundrette !
REAR END 86 Dec 13 368k The journey continues, now joined by 3 wise wholesalers...
REAR END 87 Dec 20 411k Pi-Rennial Joy To All... buts who's the daddy ?

The Files - 1985
REAR END 88 Jan 3 373k PiMan's January sale.
REAR END 89 Jan 10 410k Automata's Loony Sale
REAR END 90 Jan 17 400k PiMan goes Amstrad ! (spot colour)
REAR END 91 Jan 24 358k Dues Ex Machine for Commodore ! - Piana sings.
REAR END 92 Jan 31 392k Piana goes to school.
REAR END 93 Feb 7 391k Piana's letter home.
REAR END 94 Feb 14 326k Rastapiman gets a C5.
REAR END 95 Feb 21 332k The gang get ready for a promo tour.
REAR END 96 Feb 28 359k Automata go mail-order.
REAR END 97 Mar 7 356k Dues Ex Machina - Program Of The Year. (spot colour)
REAR END 98 Mar 14 322k The PiMan asks for your games.
REAR END 99 Mar 21 387k The PiMan's office vanishes ! (spot colour)
REAR END 100 Mar 28 400k Mel leaves. Is this the end for Automata ?
REAR END 101 Apr 4 394k The Piman appears on a famous satirical TV show.
REAR END 102 Apr 11 386k Lady Clair appeals for your games.
REAR END 103 Apr 18 424k Bad news - the back page has to end. (spot colour)
REAR END 104 Apr 28 398k The last advert. (spot colour).